Fault Diagnosis Procedure for LCD Display

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Update time : 2019-05-30 11:12:25
LCD display is now widely used, such as vehicle, charging pile, medical treatment, industrial control and other general standard applications, but many customers will inevitably have some problems using LCD. Next, LCD display supplier XIANHENG will introduce to you what problems will occur when using LCD and the common troubleshooting and diagnosis process.

LCD display includes four parts: computer control part, display drive matrix, LCD display array and power supply.

There are many problems in LCD display.

1. Interface problem. Phenomenon: Computer information can not be displayed, check the cable.

2. Power supply problem. LCD display panel uses low voltage and high current power supply, which is not much different from ordinary DC power supply.

3. Driving problem. Each row or column is not displayed, that is, the corresponding driver circuit (chip) problem, can be replaced.

4. Display problems. Long-term use of LCD display may damage aging, maintenance and replacement can be.

Common fault diagnosis procedures for LCD displays:

1. Determine whether your LCD screen is synchronous or asynchronous; the display of synchronous display depends on the settings of the display, and the asynchronous display does not depend on the settings of the display;

2. Determining whether your LCD screen is a partial display or a full-screen display is problematic.

Abnormal local display can eliminate communication problems. Generally, it can be determined that the hardware of the display screen is out of order. You should contact us immediately in order to prevent the malfunction from expanding.

There are many reasons for the abnormal display of the whole screen.

For synchronous LCD display, you should confirm whether the display settings have changed, whether the communication is normal, whether the transmission is normal, and then whether the reception is normal.

For the asynchronous LCD screen, first of all, we should confirm whether the parameters of the display screen: hardware address, width, height, IP have changed, if these parameters are correct, then test whether the communication is normal, and finally determine whether the LCD control is normal.

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