An Explanation Of How LCD Displays Work

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How does the LCD displays work? Here is a simple explanation.

Under the action of the electric field, the arrangement direction of the liquid crystal molecules changes, which makes the light transmittance of the external light source change (modulated), and the electro-optic conversion is completed. Then, by using the different excitation of the three primary color signals of R-Grector B, the color redisplay in time domain and spatial domain is completed through the three main color filters: red, green and blue, which is different from the CRT color picture tube. It uses digital addressing and digital signal excitation to redisplay the image, the physical properties of liquid crystal is such an organic compound. 

At room temperature, it shows not only the liquid fluidity of crystals, but also the optical specificity of crystals, so it is called liquid crystal. Under the influence of external conditions such as electric field, magnetic field, temperature and stress, its molecules are easy to rearrange. This makes various optical properties of liquid crystals change accordingly. The specificity and molecular arrangement of liquid crystals are easily controlled by external electric field and magnetic field, which is the physical basis of this kind of liquid crystals. That is, the electro-optic effect of liquid crystal. 

Light is modulated by electrical signals to produce LCD. Under the action of different current and electric field, liquid crystal molecules will rotate 90 degrees regularly to produce different light transmittance. Therefore, the difference between light and shade occurs when the power is on or off. According to this principle, each pixel can be controlled to form the desired image. The physical property of liquid crystal is that when it is powered on, it is turned on and arranged in order. Make the light easy to pass through. 

When it is not powered on, this arrangement is chaotic, preventing light from passing through, allowing the liquid crystal to block or let the light pass through like a gate. Technically, the liquid crystal panel contains two very delicate pieces of sodium-free glass material, and he calls it a substrate with a layer of liquid crystal in the middle. When the light beam passes through this layer of liquid crystal, the liquid crystal itself will stand in rows or distort irregularly, thus blocking or making the beam pass smoothly.
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