Display industry: playing a beautiful turnaround

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Update time : 2017-05-09 16:29:04

Beijing time May 8th news, the China touchscreen net news, recently the screen has become an extension of the vision. Not only more and more people can not put down the phone, e-books, computers, televisions, window displays, billboards, etc. are also ready to occupy people's attention. To some extent, the Internet era is the era of display. Screen, is the entrance to the internet.

Come from nothing

"Display is not only a product, but a system of industrial systems. Display industry is the foundation of manufacturing power. The development of the display industry, is to compete for the right to speak and the right to distribute the global display industry." China Video Industry Association vice president Lin Yuanfang said.

As the core component, display is regarded as the basic industry in the industry, but 10 years ago, China has suffered a lack of screen, highly dependent on imports from when the flat-panel display appears, China disappeared in built up over the years in the field of kinescope advantage at once.

The face of technology iteration, the cost of falling behind is disastrous. China's annual imports display once reached $50 billion. Such a huge demand, and such a passive situation, how to break through? China from the national level to display industry independent deployment in China, promulgated the "Electronic Information Industry Restructuring and Revitalization Plan", the flat panel display industry as a national key support industry, clearly requires breakthrough of new type display industry development bottleneck, strive to achieve a breakthrough in the key on the new display panel production technology.

From weak to strong

"Technology is not necessarily strong, weak technology must lose." Technology, is another barrier to enter the industry.

Through the acquisition of modern Korean LCD production line, BOE entered the display industry. But the acquisition does not mean that with production capacity. "The capacity of the industrial sector must be generated during the course of the operation." Said Lu Feng, director of the Institute of Corporate and Government Studies, Peking University School of Government.

"The scale effect is obvious, the investment intensity is big, the technology iteration is fast, is the characteristic of this industry, and our country is very familiar to these industrial categories." In the wind, it shows that the industry is opening up a new field.

"China's strategic emerging industries 'turn the battle' played the most beautiful", "the top ten industry revitalization plan in the fastest growing", the performance of the show industry, expert evaluation is high. From the integrated circuit, oil, iron ore together in China's four major imports of goods, to now self-sufficiency rate is close to Liu Cheng, the technical level among the world-class, only 10 years of time.

Over the past few years, liquid crystal display capacity compound annual growth rate of 51%. 2016, the domestic display panel shipments of about 77.28 million square meters, accounting for 30% of the world, ranking second in the world. With the new production line put into production, by 2018 domestic display panel production scale will be no suspense jump to the world first.

From hot pursuit to parallel

With the release of a large number of liquid crystal display production capacity, the market supply and demand relations have undergone subtle changes. Especially when the market fluctuates, once pessimistic sound.

"There is only a weak product, there is no weak market." For "overweight", BOE chairman Wang Dongsheng showed enough confidence, he believes that "surplus" is only for existing applications and technology, if the technical breakthrough or even subversion Innovation, for the market to provide more high-end technology supply, the market will always have blue ocean.

"In front of no longer have reference, the forerunner of the higher risk, the need for more accurate strategic vision, once the mistakes will cause a cliff-like disaster." BOE President Liu Xiaodong accepted the "Economic Daily" interview when cautious. In order to avoid the risk, BOE must be fully prepared for technical.

Although the current flat panel display market is still LCD (LCD), but this pattern will soon be broken. With the OLED (organic light-emitting diode) process of progress, yield continues to increase, a substantial decline in costs will promote the rapid growth of downstream applications. Smart phones, VR / AR, wearable equipment, automotive electronics and other new applications, are looking forward to technology leap forward.
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