LCD panel size: Large size will be the trend

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Update time : 2017-05-09 16:44:17
According to IDC global hardware assembly research team research shows that the first quarter of the global flat shipments 36.2 million units, compared with the same period last year decreased by 8.5%, the flat market for the tenth consecutive quarter decline. The global LCD panel industry capacity continues to grow, the panel plant competition between the more intense, prompting the panel plant will be more actively promote the LCD panel size, re-looking for industrial positioning and towards the value-added forward.

IDC global hardware assembly research team market analyst Chen Jian said that 2015-2020, the global LCD panel capacity compound annual growth rate of about 7%, three-year capacity growth rate up to Samsung Display (SDC) in 2015 the total capacity, if To completely consume these new capacity, the average size of large-size panel by 2020 to be a substantial increase of 12 inches, and therefore the future of the LCD panel size will become more obvious.

In recent years, mainland China manufacturers profit by the succession of 8.5 generation line production capacity, large-size LCD panel shipments increased significantly, and gradually into the list of leading manufacturers such as BOE, LGD, Innolux, AUO, Samsung Display (SDC), through the large generation of panel factory production capacity advantages, such as BOE, LGD, To provide a competitive price of large-size panel product line, the fierce competition makes the smaller capacity of the panel factory to focus on the production of one or two large-size LCD application panel. In the future panel production capacity continued out, the industry more competitive trend, the panel factory will change the operational strategy to find development direction.

Looking at the development trend of large-size LCD panel industry, LCD panel production capacity continues to rise caused by more intense competition in the industry under the trend, each panel is bound to actively promote the LCD panel size, change the operating strategy to find their own in large-size panel industry The development of positioning, and the introduction of new technology to pursue higher profits, seeking in the highly competitive panel industry in another piece of development of the sky.

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