Is the brightness of the lcd display determined by the backlight source?

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Lcd display screen has been on the market for more than ten years, it has completely replaced the most traditional CRT display screen, become the absolute mainstream of the market. As a professional lcd display supplier in Shenzhen, xianheng now uncovers the basic knowledge of these displays from the perspective of subtle technology. 

We all know that the lcd display screen presents the image through the special backlight source, and the performance of the backlight source also has an important impact on the brightness of the display screen, so the brightness of the lcd display screen is only determined by the backlight source? 

After the backlight emits light, the light is controlled by the voltage of the front lcd display panel, and the liquid crystal molecules allow the light to pass through or mask to show the brightness of the picture. This process is controlled by a IC chip, which is similar in principle to the shutter in the camera and can control luminous flux. Camera products are usually equipped with shutters at the back of the lens, which are opened when photographed, allowing objects to be imaged in negatives or photosensitive elements to form photographs. In addition, the liquid crystal panel emits a balanced brightness light from the back light source, which is obscured / controlled by the light of the liquid crystal panel and imaged by the light and shade of the light. 

When you watch the images in the lcd display screen or LCD TV, you will find that the light through the LCD panel is not only in the form of name and dark, but also has a variety of colors from light to dark. In addition, when we are watching a continuous animation, the standard is to need 60 pictures per second, that is, to switch the light and shade state 60 times a second, in order to show the accuracy of the picture, a sufficient number of pixels must be required. The structure of the liquid crystal panel should also be fine enough. From this point of view, high-end LCD panels and low-end products will be different in this respect, which is one of the reasons for the cost difference. 

The lcd display screen can control the light intensity by using the voltage high speed, but because the liquid crystal panel can only control the light shade, so this mechanism is only effective for black and white pictures. If you want to show a color picture, you also need to place a color filter in front of the liquid crystal molecular layer to add color to the light and dark light. Therefore, in addition to the brightness of the backlight source itself, the control of the liquid crystal molecules by the IC chip (operation close / open) and the quality of the liquid crystal panel itself, as well as the opening rate and light transmittance, etc., will have a certain impact on the brightness of the liquid crystal display screen.

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