Market Prospect of Charging Pile Advertising LCD Screen

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Update time : 2019-06-04 08:45:02
Charging pile advertising machine is the product of the combination of charging pile for electric vehicle and outdoor advertising LCD screen. With the rapid popularization of new energy vehicles in recent years, the demand for public charging piles has increased sharply in our country. By the end of 2018, a total of 300000 public charging piles had been reported by members of the alliance, according to the China Alliance for the Promotion of Electric vehicle charging Infrastructure. For operators, if all these public charging piles are replaced with charging pile advertising machines with advertising LCD screen, its economic benefits will be very considerable.

Take focus Media, the world's largest building and cinema advertising group, as an example. Elevator TV media accounted for at least half of the building advertising revenue of more than $10 billion in 2018, which is the company's main source of revenue. It is worth mentioning that the company's net interest rate is close to 50%, very amazing! We know that the main audience of elevator television media is white-collar workers in first-and second-tier cities who represent the mainstream consumption power, which fully permeates the fragmentation time of this kind of audience and reaches the audience at high frequency by the combination of high-definition screen and sound and painting. Strengthen the audience's memory of the brand.

Although the mainstream audience of elevator TV media is relatively broad, it still creates a behemoth with a market value of nearly 100 billion. The charging pile advertising LCD screen, which mainly provides rigid charging services to attract the target audience, has undoubtedly brought more imagination space to the industry. Because the charging pile is a public facility that specializes in serving Xinyuan car users, the audience of charging pile advertising LCD screen is mainly focused on the owners of electric vehicles or new energy vehicles. 

Therefore, for the outdoor advertising of charging posts, the user portraits of this part of the intended group are very obvious. First, the owner is the high intention of advertisers around car maintenance to customers, for car dealers and second-hand car dealers. These groups also have target customer attributes. Second: the middle class, which is a resident of the middle and high-end community, is the same as many ladder media communities. The target population of the charging pile is also the "middle class", which has relatively high consumption power. For middle and high end product brands, It is also a more accurate delivery. Third: the consumption concept is ahead, electric car owners for some emerging brands, is a potential consumer, is also a more accurate delivery.

This means that while providing convenient charging services for vehicle owners, intelligent charging piles can also use the advertising LCD screen on the charging posts to accurately convey relevant business information to electric car owners, that is, to activate the local economy. It has also created a richer revenue model for operators. 

The charging pile of multimedia intelligent advertising machine is generally installed in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.) and residential car parks or charging stations, which can charge various types of electric vehicles according to different voltage levels. At the same time, the highlighted display is clearly visible even in strong sunlight. Operators take this as the carrier to spread the advertising content, it is very natural for the advertising audience to browse, so as to accurately affect the target audience. 

It can be predicted that with the continuous innovation and breakthrough of battery technology, people's recognition of new energy vehicles will be higher and higher, which will inevitably promote the synchronous growth of charging pile facilities. Charging pile advertising LCD screen as a new charging equipment that can bring higher benefits to operators, the growth space is unlimited! 

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