The Interior of The New Concept Car is Equipped with 21 LCD Screens

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Update time : 2019-03-07 11:55:48
It is reported that Kia will present its new concept car at this week's Geneva Motor Show. Allegedly, this is an electric car with sports style. It has 21 LCD screens built in.

Now the side view and built-in photos of the front of the car are published online. The concept car is equipped with 21 LCD screens. There are no other models equipped with so many display screens. Maybe someone will ask, will this car be mass produced? Maybe not, but I have to admit that the plan is very cool.

Over the years, the scale of on-board display screen has become larger and larger, especially the LCD screen equipped by concept vehicle. For example, Batten plans to launch a mass-produced M-Byte cross-border vehicle, which is equipped with a 48-inch LCD screen and occupies almost all the space between the two A-pillars.

Kia, on the other hand, has taken a new approach, starting with the number of LCD screens, which is beyond the expectation of the world. The plan has brought a sense of humour to the slightly depressed automotive industry, and the number of on-board display screens has become a highlight.
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