Solution of New Energy Charging Pile LCD Screen

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Update time : 2019-06-21 11:23:40
With a little attention, more and more electric cars are driving around, and the construction of charging pile facilities for electric vehicles is becoming more and more important. The charging posts of electric vehicles usually use 18.5-inch outdoor lcd screen, 21.5-inch outdoor LCD screen and 32-inch ultra bright LCD screen, and have the following characteristics: 

1. Industrial liquid crystal display screen with high brightness and wide viewing angle. 

2. The whole machine has no fan to dissipate heat, so as to avoid the crash caused by fan problems. 

3. Fashionable and safe industrial design. 

4. The use of on-board FLASH and CF card or SD card, the main purpose is to install the operating system and store advertising content. 

5. Use 220V input, built-in switching power supply, converted to 12V for motherboard use. 

6. Servers can control their respective charging terminals over Ethernet. 

7. Self-service card charging service and consumer bill printing can be realized. 

8. Automatic switching advertising playback system. 

9. Full touch voice prompt operation interface. 

Requirements for LCD screen in charging pile Scheme Design of Electric vehicle. 

LCD screen: wide temperature industrial LCD screen with high brightness and wide viewing angle; 
Touch control: the selection of high-quality resistance touch screen, can be used frequently and dusty environment without ionization and failure. And can continue to work in the case of scratches on the surface; 
Storage: mainly used for the installation of operating system and storage advertising, the use of industrial solid state hard disk, with high anti-vibration, dustproof, low calorific value and other characteristics, fixed with the motherboard design, so as to avoid system instability and other factors; 
Power supply: 220V power input is used, and wide voltage power supply can be selected. 
Structure: according to the demand and its use environment, the chassis is made of aluminum alloy panel + sheet metal rear cover, which has the characteristics of firmness, good seismic performance, fast heat dissipation, dust and splash prevention, etc., the panel is directly drawn with aluminum alloy or fine sand grain, silver gray oxidation treatment, do not absorb heat in the sun, in order to avoid summer temperature overheating, internal temperature can not disperse. The controller will be installed in an embedded manner, requiring the front panel to achieve IP65 protection, and the rear cover to have appropriate heat dissipation holes. The installation is fixed with 4 clasps.

XIANHENG specializes in the production and sale of industrial  LCD modules for charging pile use. Any questions please feel free to contact us by e-mail to [email protected].
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