What Are The Advantages Of Mini LED Backlight Screen

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Update time : 2020-10-21 15:04:05
Recently, Xiaomi released a commemorative version of Xiaomi TV Master, which sells for as much as 49999 yuan. Unlike most televisions, this TV uses Mini LED technology. How is this technology different? What is the improvement in the display effect? 

What is Mini LED technology? 

Mini LED technology is a new display technology, which can be regarded as an upgraded version of the traditional LCD screen, which can effectively improve the contrast and enhance the expressive force of the screen. Unlike OLED self-illuminated screens, Mini LED technology requires LED backlight as a support to display the screen. 

Traditional LCD screen will be equipped with LED backlight, but the ordinary LCD screen backlight often only supports unified adjustment, can not adjust the light and shade of a certain area alone. Even if there are a small number of LCD screens that support backlight partition adjustment, the number of backlight partitions is still very limited. Different from the traditional LCD screen backlight, Mini LED technology can make the LED backlight beads very small, so that more backlight beads can be integrated on the same screen, thus divided into more fine backlight partitions, which is also an important difference between Mini LED technology and traditional LCD screens. 

With the blessing of Mini LED technology, the screen has multiple backlight partitions, which can separately control the brightness of a small area of the screen, so that the bright place is bright enough, the dark place is dark, and the picture performance is less limited. When a certain part of the screen needs to show black, you can dim the small backlight section of this part, or even turn it off to get a more pure black and greatly improve the contrast, which can not be achieved by ordinary LCD screens. With the blessing of Mini LED technology, you can have a contrast close to the OLED screen. 

The screen using Mini LED technology also has the advantages of long life and not easy to burn, and the post-natal cost of achieving regular modulus is lower than that of OLED screen. Of course, Mini LED technology also has shortcomings, because the integration of more backlight beads, the thickness is not easy to do thin, multi-backlight beads agglomeration is also easy to generate more heat, higher requirements for equipment heat dissipation. 

Mini LED technology can greatly change the contrast of traditional LCD screen and bring excellent display effect. At the same time, there is no need to worry about the problem of screen burning. Many manufacturers attach great importance to this technology, and then there should be more products equipped with this technology. The Micro LED technology is more perfect, and it is believed that it will become the mainstream when it matures. In the coming period of time, these two display technologies are worthy of attention.
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