5 Anti-static Measures For Industrial LCD Display Screens

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Update time : 2020-10-26 12:05:31
Static electricity is often produced in use, which is very harmful to liquid crystal displays and all kinds of electronic components. Serious current will directly lead to the scrapping of LCD display screens, which was mentioned in previous articles. 

About the electrostatic discharge failure of LCD display screens: it is divided into sudden failure and potential failure. More than 9% of the electrostatic failures in the application environment are potential failures, which are characterized by the weakening of the electric overstress resistance of the circuit and the shortening of the service life. Here are the notes for daily use. 

Anti-static measures for industrial LCD display screens: 

1. Train the staff on static electricity knowledge and related skills. 

2. Set up an anti-static work area, use electrostatic discharge floor, anti-static workbench, anti-static grounding lead and anti-static apparatus in this area, and control the relative humidity in this area above 40%. 

3, work in strict accordance with the operation manual, the damage caused by static electricity to electronic equipment may occur in some ordinary small details, we should pay attention to the details. 

4. ESD damaged equipment should be marked differently and should not be confused with normal equipment. 

5. ESD safety and control procedures: establish a set of perfect ESD electrostatic management system, strengthen the usual detection. 

Industrial LCD display screens should not only achieve electrostatic protection in operation, but also have electrostatic protection measures and awareness in the follow-up procedures such as daily packaging, storage and transportation. There can be no carelessness in any link that causes irreversible losses to the LCD display screens.
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