4 Characteristics Of Bus On-board Screens

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Nowadays, the bus is no longer a simple means of transportation, but also the carrier of advertising information. Bus advertisements go back and forth to and from the streets of the city every day, and the LCD screen on the bus serves as a mobile advertising media to spread advertising to the whole city. So, what are the characteristics of bus on-board screens in the process of communication?
Four Characteristics Of Bus On-board Screens

Bus screen advertising has a mandatory contact, but it is not the characteristics of the content that will not infringe on consumers' interests, and even advertisements with good creative results will leave a deep impression on consumers and create a desire to buy. to meet advertisers' expected goal of launching LCD ads on buses.

1. Liquidity and regionality.

City buses pass through various neighborhoods of the city to display bus advertising messages. In the process of information transmission, the mobile flow of buses helps to make bus advertisements repeat in the line of sight of the target audience as much as possible, strengthen consumers' image memory, influence consumers' purchase choices, and improve the popularity of advertising products. the repetition of different buses in specific areas enables bus advertisements to quickly seize small groups, so as to achieve the purpose of advertising. The tourist destination is faced with collective and organized consumer groups, and it is more appropriate to choose bus LCD advertisements in regional advertisements such as tourist destinations than individuals who are far away from each other. Therefore, taking bus advertising as the goal can effectively reduce the cost and improve the advertising efficiency.

2. Effective reading.

The effective visual range of the bus LCD advertisement is the premise of reading the advertisement information intuitively and clearly. according to the bus model designed by ergonomics, it is in line with people's visual habits to judge the distribution range of the bus advertisement. The publication of bus advertisements should properly maintain other parts except the roof and people's line of sight, so that advertising information can more easily enter the line of sight of consumers, and it is easier for consumers to read advertising information. The effective visual distance of bus advertisements can be up to 70 ~ 75 meters, and even if the distance of bus advertisements is farther, the bad weather can reach 30 meters. It is fully proved that bus body advertising has scientific visual communication characteristics.

3. Irresistibility.

City buses drive on the streets of the city, and all kinds of information in LCD advertisements on buses is one-sided and irreversible for consumers who go out. The advertising information on the bus continues to be published, consumers, whether they like it or not, can not avoid the advertising information on the car body, let alone give up taking the car because of the rejection of the car body advertisement.

4. Low-cost characteristics.

The pace of urban life and the variety of urban commercial goods are diverse, so determining the transmission frequency of goods is an important means for commodities to establish their image and occupy the consumer market. The transmission frequency of product advertising information and the rate of capital investment are the prerequisites to be considered in the choice of communication mode. Various forms of advertising on urban buses have the advantages of simple technology, cheap materials and low cost of vehicle advertising, but the communication effect is high.

The floating population who come into contact with widely on-board LCD advertisements on buses will leave a short-term vague impression on the target, causing consumers to pay short-term attention to the information and visual elements of the advertisement. Once again, high-frequency repetition can deepen the memory of the audience and consolidate the product information and content conveyed by the advertisement. After that, in the contact with the car body advertisement, the goods conveyed by the advertisement created a high brand image psychological association, which silently changed the purchase choice of consumers.
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