What Is Digital Signage?

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Update time : 2020-11-13 10:26:17
The digital signage system provides customized media playlists to one or more digital screens, enabling network administrators to display target information to a specific audience at a specific place and time. Compared with traditional signage, digital signage information can be easily customized, replaced quickly and cheaply, and can be transmitted to multiple monitors at the same time. Digital signage is often used to present customized combinations of content, including product promotions, instant news, and upcoming events. LCD screens can be installed on walls, ceilings, shelf systems or aisle caps, or they can be integrated into freestanding showcases and kiosks. Digital signage is widely used in a variety of applications from targeted retail advertising to internal employee communications and distance training.

What does the digital signage look like?

Digital signs can take many forms, including separate towers, flat screens hanging from walls and ceilings, electronic displays integrated on terminal covers, and even small screens on price channels.

Where is digital signage used?

1. Government.
Public service advertisement.
Bulletin board for community activities.
Emergency notification (e.g. amber alert).

2. Hotel and entertainment industry.
Lobby signs and road signs.
Meeting announcement.
Indoor "Barker" TV channel.

3. Medical and health care.
Product - service advertising.
Public health advice.
Indoor "Barker" TV channel.

4. Tourism and transportation.
Departure - arrival information.
Location - destination based advertising.
Car ads and information.

5. Company - internal employee communication.
The bulletin board of the upcoming event.
Public safety information.
Successful tracking of internal - sales targets.
Enterprise - Security trainin.

6. Retail.
Supplementary POP display screen (integrated end cover, freestanding display, shelf edge).
Advertise products sold in the store (wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted displays).
Improve in-store environment - aesthetics (brand content, entertainment, checkout channels).
Behind-the-scenes sales training.

7. Restaurants and bars.
Use the digital menu board to quickly switch menu items.
Use promotional - special billboards to promote upsell and add-on sales.
Display live TV, trivia and game content.

8. Education.
Show current events, photos, local news and weather.
Inform faculty, staff and students of upcoming events, rallies and award ceremonies.
Provide emergency alerts and public safety information.

9. Banks and credit cooperatives.
Inform customers about loans, investment accounts and other banking products.
Display news updates or live television to reduce perceived wait time.
Show current exchange rate information.

How much does the digital signage cost?

Even a simple digital signage project can quickly become complex and difficult to price. It depends on many aspects, such as the number of venues being installed, the number of different screen sizes, what the cabling requirements are, whether 4k content is needed, and so on.
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