5 Differences Between Industrial LCD and General Commercial LCD

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Update time : 2022-09-14 18:09:01
The common LCD screens in the market are industrial screens and general commercial displays. What is the difference between industrial LCD screens and commercial LCD screens?
First of all, good visibility is a bright spot of industrial LCD screens. LCD screens in industrial applications need to support clear and accurate visual effects from multiple angles in a strong light environment. Most industrial environments are surrounded by bright lights, which poses a major challenge to the visibility of the display.
Secondly, industrial LCD screens are mostly used in harsh environments, while ordinary commercial LCD screens are difficult to work properly in harsh environments. The temperature difference in the industrial environment may be very large, so the industrial LCD screen needs to be able to operate normally in an environment with large temperature difference. The general working temperature of ordinary commercial screens is 0: 50 degrees, while the general requirement of industrial screens is-30 degrees 80 degrees.
Third, the seismic performance of the industrial LCD screen is relatively good, and it can be used for a long time without any failure. It can only be used in a very strict environment, such as in the plane, in the laboratory, etc., which is not needed by ordinary families.
Fourth, the service life of industrial LCD screens can usually reach more than 50K hours, which is longer than that of ordinary commercial screens.
Finally, based on the above points, it can be seen that the price of industrial LCD screens is more expensive than that of commercial screens.
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