Different Use Requirements of Touch Screens in 6 Different Applications

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Update time : 2022-07-21 11:53:05
As we all know, touch screens are widely used in our lives. In fact, the requirements and properties of touch screens are different in different fields. The following is a list of touchscreen requirements for six different applications.
1. Industrial control: in this case, the requirements for the touch screen are gloves, waterproof, chemical resistance, impact resistance, anti-fouling and easy cleaning, etc. In addition, the poor power environment of the touch screen should consider the common mode interference and the reliability of long-term power supply.
2. Financial display terminal: generally, the touch screen has the requirements of long service life, safety and reliability. Among them, the desktop financial display terminal has the requirement of long-term power-up.
3. Outdoor advertising touch screen: generally speaking, the touch screen has the requirements of temperature, waterproof and anti-falling.
4. Smart home kitchen application: the touch screen needs to consider safety glass and high temperature resistance requirements.
5. The application of household appliances in smart home: the product integrity and integration requirements of touch screen need to be considered.
6. Vehicle applications: the service life, reliability, optical requirements (AG, AR), safety and anti-collision requirements of the touch screen need to be considered.
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