3 Network Connection Modes of Elevator LCD Advertising Machine

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Update time : 2019-04-14 14:54:38
With the continuous upgrading of commercial display terminals and the continuous strengthening of intelligent equipment technology, elevator LCD advertising machine has become one of the more common advertising methods, because its small screen carries a large amount of information. Do you know the network connection method of elevator LCD advertisement machine?

1. Mobile Unicom Telecom Network-wide 4G Connection

Simply put, if we can use mobile network normally in the elevator, then this method is feasible, otherwise, this method is not feasible. If we want to use this kind of networking mode, we must first make an on-the-spot investigation of the elevator. Only by ensuring that there is a network in any floor elevator can we ensure the normal use of elevator LCD advertising machine. So in some office buildings and residential areas, wireless network connection is used instead of cable network connection and mobile Unicom whole network 4G connection.

2. Wireless Network Connection

In fact, the use of wireless network connection is one of the most frequently used methods for elevator lcd advertising machine. As long as the relative network is set up in advance, users can update the advertisement content in real time and switch arbitrarily through the PC terminal. With this kind of connection, no matter where the elevator runs, as long as they have the network advertisement machine, they can use it normally.

3. Wired Network Connection

The only problem to consider when using this method is the wire problem, because the elevator is running all the time and the wire is stretched all the time. Over a long period of time, inevitably there will be bad contact or distortion of the wire and other phenomena, which affect the normal use of the elevator advertising machine, but also affect the normal operation of the elevator. So this kind of method is the least used, and nobody even uses it.

Above are three common network connection modes of elevator LCD advertising machine at present.
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