3 Problems To Be Considered When Opening The Mold Of LCD Display Screens

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Author : LCD display screens supplier
Update time : 2020-03-03 15:48:27
LCD display screens are used in many electronical devices in our lives, so do you know what issues need to be considered when opening the mold of lcd display screens? Here are three issues to pay attention to:

1. Consider the temperature range.

Temperature is an important parameter in lcd display screens. When the LCD display screen is opened, the working temperature and storage temperature can not be missing in the design drawings of the production enterprise. If the selected temperature range is not correct, the reaction will be slow in the low temperature environment and the shadow will appear in the high temperature environment. Therefore, when opening the mold, it is necessary to carefully consider the environment in which the product is to work and the temperature range required.

2. Consider the display mode.

The display mode should be fully considered when opening the mold of the LCD display screens. Because the display principle of LCD causes it not to glow, it needs a bottom backlight to see clearly, thus deriving positive display mode, negative display mode, full transmission mode, semi-transparent mode and the combination of these modes. Each display mode has its own advantages and characteristics, and the suitable use environment is also different.

3. Consider the visual range.

The visual range refers to the area in which the picture can be displayed in the liquid crystal display screens. The larger the area, the more beautiful and atmospheric the graphics that can be displayed. On the contrary, the graphics displayed in the small visual range are not only small, but also not easy to see clearly. Therefore, when looking for a well-known LCD display mold manufacturer to open the mold, it is necessary to consider how much visual range is needed according to the actual situation.

The above problems need to be carefully considered when doing LCD display mold opening, so, no matter what product needs to be customized, to obtain high-quality LCD screen mold opening effect, not only to find a professional and reliable mold manufacturer, but also to consider all kinds of problems clearly to ensure to meet the various needs of the product.
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