4 Advantages of INNOLUX LCD Display

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What are the advantages of INNOLUX LCD display

INNOLUX Optoelectronics is one of the two tigers in Taiwan, the strength of which should not be underestimated. INNOLUX Optoelectronics was founded in 2003, listed in Taiwan in 2006, and merged with CHIMEI Electronics and AUO Optoelectronics in 2012. During this period, the group created for the survival of the company, retained Chi Mei Electronics as the company name. In order to distinguish the Qimei brand, it changed its name to INNOLUX Optoelectronics in December 2012. 

INNOLUX Optoelectronics aims to become the world's top flat display system supplier, combined with the advantages of INNOLUX supply chain, the product line covers size panels, size modules to terminal system products, as well as all kinds of product combinations are very complete. In order to improve high-quality products and efficient supply chain management for customers, Qun Chuang Optoelectronics has become one of the representative enterprises in the world TFT-LCD industry. INNOLUX photoelectric now the main supply products are TFT LCD display Module MNT, main customers are Motorola, Nokia, Bird, Panda, HP and so on. 

What are the advantages of INNOLUX LCD display? According to data analysis, the ranking of TV panel shipments in the first quarter, Lejin monitor TV panel shipments of 12.63 million pieces, a 7 per cent reduction in the quarter. The main reason is that the 8.5generation line production of the Lucin display has been transferred to the OLED panel, and the monitor brand is no longer profitable in small sizes (21.5 inches or less), so we are actively laying out 23.8 inches and 27 inches of large size products. Resulting in serious crowding out of each other's production capacity. 

INNOLUX has 8.6 generation plants to join mass production, because the price of the medium size 39.5inch LCD display is too high to affect the brand profit space, resulting in a slowdown in the pulling power of the brand. Even with Samsung's strong demand for 65 inches, the yield of high-end products cannot be improved rapidly. INNOLUX fell 9.3% in the first quarter, shipping 9.937 million tablets, surpassing Samsung again to second place. In terms of market share, INNOLUX LCD displays are still popular.

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