4 Elements Of Industrial LCD Screen Cleaning

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Author : Industrial LCD screen supplier
Update time : 2020-03-27 16:32:18
What problems should be paid attention to in maintaining the industrial LCD screen? Today, XIANHENG lists four elements for cleaning problems, showing you how to clean industrial LCD screens.

1. Cleaning requirements of industrial LCD screen.

a. Before cleaning, turn off the power switch of the product and remove the power plug and video card connector plug.
b. Move the product to a place with better natural light so that you can see the dust and dirt clearly.


2. matters needing attention in the cleaning of industrial LCD screens.

a. The surface of the LCD screen is protected from scratching by harder substances (including coarse particles attached to the surface of the LCD screen).

b. The surface of the LCD screen is a polarizer, and the liquid can be infiltrated to avoid spraying the detergent directly on the surface of the LCD screen; some solvents will corrode the polarizer and avoid the use of non-special detergents.

c. Try to clean when the LCD is not working.


3. Cleaning products for industrial LCD screen-leather tiger (soot-blowing ball, ear-washing ball).

a. Use skimmed cotton or soft and smooth cloth or liquid crystal special wipe cloth;

b. Moisten the wiping supplies with clean water or use liquid crystal detergent to moisten the wiping supplies.

c. Some detergents may need to be diluted first, please follow the instructions for the use of liquid crystal detergents.


4. Cleaning methods of industrial LCD screen.

a. Use a leather tiger to blow off the dust from the LCD surface to ensure that no coarse particles of dirt are attached to the LCD surface.

b. Using a slightly moist wipe, wipe around from the center of the screen; if you can't wipe off the obvious stains, wipe with a wet wipe with a special liquid crystal cleaner.

c. After wiping, if the LCD surface is wet, use a dry wipe.
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