4 Main Applications of AUO Displays

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Update time : 2022-11-26 17:48:41
AUO general displays provide ultra high resolutions, sunlight readability, and long product life. Applications include ATMs, POS, kiosks, industrial computers, security monitors, entertainment machines, medical equipment, factory automation, inflight entertainment, and marine displays. AUO also provide customized designs and integrated touch solutions to enhance clients' competitive advantages.

1. Consumer Display —— Extensive Applications in All Types of Scenarios

Vivid, Sharp Picture Quality with Integrated Touch for More Intuitive Control

AUO Display Plus consumer display panels can be used in a wide variety of scenarios including home printers, digital cameras, digital video cameras and portable navigation devices. In addition to high resolutions, lightweight, thinness and energy-efficiency, we also offer custom specifications and one-stop touch solution to meet the operating requirements of different consumer electronic products.

2. Industrial Display —— Reliable, Rugged and Durable

High Specifications for Stable Performance and Extended Operation

Industrial applications have very exacting requirements for temperature, humidity, noise resistance and electromagnetism. The high brightness, high-resolution industrial display panels from AUO Display Plus deliver high quality and reliability. 

Our products go through high/low temperature, high humidity, and extended operation testing to rigorous standards to ensure continuous and stable operations in all kinds of demanding working environments without compromising display quality and performance. We also offer a full range of industrial touch solutions including glove touch detection for user convenience in a variety of conditions.

3. Medical Display —— High Picture Quality and Color Fidelity for Medical Precision

High Definition, High Contrast, and Wide Color Gamut Medical-Grade Displays

Advances in hospital picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) makes the quality of medical displays more important for accurate presentation of medical images. AUO Display Plus supplies a series of medical-grade display panels to meet high quality requirements such as high definition, high color saturation, high contrast, and stability of optical of optical specifications after extended use. Applications include ultrasound, tomography, endoscopy, and surgery. AUO, the parent company of AUO Display Plus, is actively moving into the medical industry as well by obtaining ISO 13485 quality certification for PC system and displays in 2019. AUO Display Plus has completed the ISO 13485 and ISO 14971 certification process for LCD modules in the second half of 2022. The improvement in quality management will help AUO Display Plus meet customer requirements.

4. Retail Display —— Convenient Touch Display Combined with Stylish Design

Wide Variety of Sizes and Touch Options to Help Retailers Increase Operational Efficiency

Display attributes such as high-resolution, wide viewing angle, narrow bezel, thin and lightweight, and energy saving are suitable for POS systems and smart shelves. Retailers can utilize these to update pricing and product information in real-time more efficiently. Touch panels adopting direct bonding technology offer advantages such as high sensitivity, lightweight, ease of use and visibility under strong light, creating a more diversified interactive experience for retailers and consumers.
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