6 Main Parameters Of TFT-LCD Panels

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Update time : 2019-09-05 18:23:05
The performance parameters of TFT-LCD panels are quite different from those of CRT, which are mainly reflected in chromaticity (how many colors or bits), resolution, refresh frequency, response time, viewing angle of screen, display color bits and so on. 

1. Resolution: the resolution of TFT-LCD panels is different from that of CRT display, so it can not be adjusted arbitrarily. It is set and specified by the manufacturer. At present, the resolution of LCD is generally 1024 points × 768 lines of XGA display mode. 

2. Brightness and contrast: the acceptable brightness of TFT-LCD panels is above 150cd/m2. At present, the brightness of TFT LCD can be seen abroad is about 250cd/m2. 

3. Refresh rate: TFT-LCD panels refresh rate refers to the display frame rate, that is, the time each pixel is refreshed by that frequency, which is related to the screen scanning speed and the ability to avoid screen flicker. 

4. Screen perspective: refers to the operator can clearly view all the content on the screen from different directions, DSTN-LCD is generally only 60 degrees, TFT-LCD panels is 120 degrees. 

5. Response time: the smaller the response time, the better. It reflects the speed at which each pixel of TFT-LCD panels reacts to the input signal, that is, the speed at which pixel changes from dark to bright or from bright to dark. The smaller the response time, the user will not appear the feeling of tail shadow dragging when looking at the motion picture. The reaction rate is generally divided into two parts: Rising and Falling;, which are expressed as the sum of the two. 

6. Display pigment: almost all 15-inch TFT-LCD panels can only display high color (256K).

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