6 Methods To Judge The Quality Of LCD Backlight Tube

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Update time : 2020-11-24 10:07:32
In the electronic industry, backlight is a form of lighting, which is often used in LCD display. The LCD itself does not glow, but depends on the uniform arrangement of small liquid crystal particles on the screen to restore the picture by "blocking" and "turning on" the light emitted by the backlight. It can be seen that the backlight tube is of great importance to the LCD screen. So how to judge the quality of LCD backlight tube? 
6 Methods To Judge The quality Of LCD Backlight Tube

1. Check the brightness.                                                                                    
That is to check how much lumins the lamp bead can achieve, lumin is the unit to measure the brightness of the lamp bead. 

2. Check whether the light is uniform and the color is consistent.             
The lamp beads of good quality glow evenly and have the same color. Poor quality lamp beads will appear a lamp bead bright, a lamp bead dark phenomenon, the luminous color is not uniform, there will be obvious dark areas. 

3. Check the chip and its size.                                                                          
The chip is also a decisive factor in the quality of lamp beads. In general, the larger the chip is, the stronger the stability is, the higher the brightness is, and the better the heat dissipation is. 

4. Check glue and phosphor.                                                                            
Generally good products will use imported glue, sealed lamp beads will not be deformed by hand, low-quality glue will appear deformation or even cracking and so on. 

5. Check the bracket.                                                                                         
In general, the bracket is silver-plated red copper bracket. The advantage of the silver-plated red copper bracket is that it dissipates heat quickly, can better radiate heat to the lamp beads, and has low resistance. On the market, some merchants will use ceramic support instead of silver-plated red copper support, ceramic support thermal conductivity is very excellent. 

6. Check the packaging process.                                                                     
The color of the lamp beads with good quality is uniform, and the colloid consistency is good. This is inseparable from good machinery and equipment, the production of machinery and equipment is a very key factor, good equipment can ensure the stability and consistency of products in various procedures, and ensure the rate of quality products.
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