6 Parameters Will Affect The Purchase Of LCD Monitors

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Author : China LCD Monitors supplier
Update time : 2020-02-26 18:39:20
LCD monitors must be no stranger to everyone, so do you know what you need to know when you choose and buy LCD monitors? XIANHENG, a manufacturer of TFT LCD, will introduce it to you in detail.

There are six elements to know when buying LCD monitors:


1. The size of LCD monitors.

15 inches is the most popular choice, but in recent years, 17 and 19 inches have become popular. If you just do text work or surf the Internet, 15 inches can meet your needs. If you are engaged in computer graphics and video editing, a larger size is more suitable.

2. the visual angle of LCD monitors.

For 15-inch and 17-inch displays, most of them are used by one person, so a 120-degree vertical angle is enough. More than 18 inches requires more than 150 degrees. Many of the YouPai models use special technology to achieve a 170-degree viewing angle.

3. The contrast ratio of LCD monitors.

Generally speaking, the larger the contrast ratio, the better. As far as today's technology is concerned, the most basic contrast ratio for the brightness of all sizes of LCD should be 400:1.

4. the brightness of LCD monitors.

250nits is bright enough for people who use computers to do paperwork; if you often play computer games and watch DVDs such as (DVD) or TV, you must choose 450nits brightness.

5. Reaction time of LCD monitors.

The reaction time is at least less than 40 milliseconds before the moving image of the shadow will appear in (ms). As far as the current products are concerned, a color LCD with a reaction time of less than 25 milliseconds should be one of your basic considerations. However, if you are watching animated movies or playing online games, it is recommended to choose the model with 16ms response time.

6. Highlights of LCD monitors.

There is no certain standard on the market, but the bright spot of each color LCD should not exceed 5.
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