Application of LCD in Medical Equipment Market

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Update time : 2019-09-25 12:51:16
In recent years, the global economic situation has gradually returned to stability, and panel factories in Taiwan and China have undergone a transformation after the peak of depreciation, although the number of each batch is relatively small. However, the special board with high unit price and high profit has become a new opportunity for the diversification and value of the panel industry. 4K high precision panel technology can improve the accuracy of diagnosis and operation. At present, the electronic medical equipment and information of various countries can display the high precision and high brightness LCD display screen of the patient focus in detail, which has become one of the important devices of the new generation of medical equipment. The strict medical panel specifications also test the technical level of the panel factory.

In terms of specifications, in order to avoid affecting the accuracy of diagnosis, medical panels generally require brightness and grayscale scores greater than 200-300cd2, grayscale from 8 bits, more than 10 bits. In the future, the specifications of 1MP and 2MP are mainly low-end products, the main market of VA, is emerging countries, and IPS technology is the main high-specification products above 3MP, mainly concentrated in the markets of developed countries.

In the development of special touch screens for wearable devices with the next generation of medical devices, the concept of wearable devices in health care not only implements the function of personal health management, but also system manufacturers are thinking about how to assist in health care. Through IT technology, combined with intelligent portable devices, wearable devices and other hardware, Cal Care. The decentralization of medical care will transform the next generation of medical care from "running hospitals" to "leaving hospitals" to the whole society, and even achieve the goal of family self-health management. As developed countries are facing the impact of aging and the reduction of the number of children, The cost of derivative health care has increased sharply, and civilized and chronic diseases are prevalent, but the number and distribution of doctors cannot meet the demand. So the new generation of medical workers, Al-Care, is committed to helping monitor, gather information, and reduce the burden on patients and doctors in medical behavior.

The next generation of medical care will be highly information-based, and displays will play an important role in the vision and touch of the man-machine interface and will be driven to advanced technology. Due to the high labor costs in developed countries, the goal of the next stage of ICT equipment innovation is to operate on the spot with minimal labor force. The wearable equipment used in the factory is worn by field workers. How to make people wear for a long time, maintain comfortable operation, achieve long battery life, so as to assist on-site staff to carry out operation, on-site guidance and operation information and information tips, is the key to equipment development. Therefore, a display responsible for information input and transmission needs to be designed for the special environment of the factory. In panel development, panels with low power consumption and touch input functions are preferred. The panel should also be able to adapt to different conditions such as temperature, humidity and dust in the factory. At the same time, we should be able to deal with the possible vibration, impact and so on. This technology is more difficult, and the unit price is higher, which is the high value of the panel.

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