Differences Between Reflective and Semi-transparent LCD Screens

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Update time : 2020-03-20 17:48:50
What's the difference between reflective and semi-transparent LCD screens?

Reflective LCD screens and semi-transparent LCD screens are the main difference is that the reflective screen is not able to add a backlight source, then the light can not be transmitted through, need to rely on external light source to illuminate, see the font above, this reflective lcd screen is suitable for some battery-powered, relatively low power requirements, its normal operation of a single LCD power consumption of about 10 uA 20 or so, but also according to the size of the screen to determine.

The semi-transparent LCD screens can work as well as the reflective screens without a backlight, but at night, if the semi-transparent screen is added with a backlight, the light source below can be transmitted. You don't have to worry about not being able to see the display without a light source at night.

In terms of price, if you have the same material size parameters, the price of the reflective LCD screens is lower than that of the semi-transparent LCD screens, and most of them need to add a backlight to do the semi-permeable LCD screen, so the semi-transparent LCD screens have more backlight than the reflective LCD screens. the price of the backlight is based on the size of the LCD screens, and the price is also inconsistent, and the specific choice of what kind of lcd screens should be based on the actual situation.
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