Domestic LCD panel development ushered in the bonus period

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Update time : 2017-05-27 17:29:41
The current display technology has entered a critical period of reform, the new technology of OLED, QLED and other rapid impact of LCD panel technology in the display industry dominant position, and our country is in ceaseless development after years of success, get rid of the lack of core small screen in the past, to become the world's one of the leading panel domain most say power.

In the policy support and panel makers under their own efforts, at present, Chinese welled up a number of outstanding panel manufacturers, such as BOE, Tianma, Huaxing Power and so on, and has become the world with high generation LCD panel production line most of the main producing areas, currently in mainland China's global production has reached second.

At present, China's LCD panel output has reached second of the world.

The BOE is currently China's leading display manufacturers in Hefei voted to build the high generation line of the 10.5 generation line will achieve mass production in early 2018 (the world's first to achieve the 10.5 generation production line), the main products are 65 inches above the 4K or 8K ultra high resolution LCD screen, the BOE in. The liquid crystal display in the field of production capacity is expected to ranked first in the world, and the LCD panel production capacity will also China surpass South Korea to become the first in the world.

Of course, only in the field of liquid crystal force is not enough, after all, we began to talk about, and now is the fight for new technologies. In our country, OLED/QLED and other new technology field layout also follow Samsung display, not long ago, the BOE's first sixth generation AMOLED China flexible production line BOE in Chengdu officially put into operation, expected monthly capacity of 48 thousand pieces of 6 generation glass substrate, after the annual shipments of more than 90 million pieces of high-end flexible display, the annual output value is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan.


In addition, the BOE in March this year also released a 5 inch active electroluminescent quantum dot light emitting display products AMQLED, different from the traditional LCD using quantum dots to expand the color gamut, the product realizes the electroluminescence, and the direct use of the ink-jet printing process for preparing electroluminescent quantum dot light-emitting devices (QLED) to achieve full color display, color gamut is more than 100%.

BOE latest development of 5 inches AMQLED

According to authoritative institutions, in 2021, the global LCD panel demand will reach 215 million square meters, while the LCD panel supply will reach 245 million square meters, showing overcapacity situation. The key period of technological change is also the opportunity to show the vendors, and it is obviously unwise to stick to a corner. And when all companies are in the pursuit of new technology, if blindly complacent in the field of liquid crystal displays will suffer a great deal, for panel makers, must be deep thought.

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