How to Choose a High-quality Highlight LCD Screen?

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Update time : 2019-12-12 10:22:54
With the development of LCD technology, customers have higher and higher requirements for product quality. So, how to choose a high-quality highlight LCD screen?

1. Brand of LCD screen. Brand determines the value of products, several brands commonly used by domestic buyers (AUO, INNOLUX, CHIMEI, BOE) generally highlight LCD manufacturers will mainly choose to use LG liquid crystal glass. Of course, other brands can also, mainly because the high temperature resistance of each brand of liquid crystal glass is different, the price will be different, of course.

2. backlight uniformity of LCD screen. In general, the uniformity of the highlight screen of general manufacturers is only 55% Rue 65%, the uniformity of good points of manufacturers can reach 65% Rue 85%, and the uniformity of well-known manufacturers can reach more than 90% Mel 95%. Of course, the prices of manufacturers who do well will be higher.

3. Brightness of LCD screen. Although the brightness of a better highlight LCD screen is higher, it will feel brighter and more dazzling, because it is not equal to the illuminance of the backlight (just like the sun, the light will feel very dazzling when it is strong. ) the luminance value is a color circumference value, which is related to the color fullness of the screen and the illuminance of the backlight. Therefore, even if we look at a brighter screen, we may not be able to meet our high-brightness requirements, because what the human eye sees is illuminance, which is affected by the environment, space size, and other aspects, and what is measured by the instrument is the brightness.

4. Temperature of LCD screen. This is one of the main parameters for users to choose a highlight LCD screen, the heat emitted by a better highlight LCD screen is relatively low, and the power done is also low, the higher the temperature, the faster the LED backlight decay, the shorter the service life.

5. professionalism of LCD screen supplier. A high-quality highlight LCD screen is not just a good light source of choice. If you just choose a better light soo, the packaging process is not good, the light source is good, the LED heat dissipation process is not good, the light guide process is not good, and the light guide process is not good, and it is not good to make good use of the light efficiency. when users choose a good highlight LCD screen, they must pay attention to whether the manufacturer is professional. nowadays, where there is no money in society, most people choose what to do. Most of them only imitate or understand only one or two of these areas, and there is little overall solution to the backlight of the real system.

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