How to determine the Price of Outdoor Advertising Displays

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Update time : 2019-09-18 09:17:44
Now many outdoor advertising display customers, when the project is still in the budget stage, eager to know the specific price of the equipment required for the project, from the buyer's point of view, this idea is understandable, but from the manufacturer's point of view, This question is too general.

The basic requirements of outdoor advertising display must first determine whether it is outdoor or semi-outdoor, as well as specific outdoor requirements, before we can determine whether case needs to be 100% waterproof and whether there are waterproof grade requirements. Do you need a high brightness screen? Is it air-cooled or air-conditioned?

The appearance of outdoor advertising display: is the wall hanging style / landing style or a special customized outdoor advertising machine, the price of each style is different, especially the custom model, the production cycle will be slightly longer than the conventional model;

Vertical outdoor advertising machine size: the size of the LCD screen, of course, the larger the size, the more expensive, the brighter the screen, the more expensive, imports are more expensive than domestic screens, if you only want to buy good, the high price must not be wrong, because where the cost is;

The quantity of wall-mounted outdoor advertising display: determine the unit price, the more the quantity, the lower the material cost, which directly affects the unit price of the project at the time of purchase.

High brightness outdoor advertising display hardware: the price of hardware, directly affect the quality of the machine, do not feel how much you bargain, the price of this thing, to a certain bottom line, cut off may be your own quality. All electronic components use well-known brands at home and abroad, with good reliability to ensure that the whole machine life reaches and exceeds the design life. Only in this way can we benefit our products.

This is the most basic requirement that outdoor advertising display manufacturers can quote a detailed price, any of the above, will directly affect your purchase price.
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