How To Fix The LCD Display When It Broken

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Update time : 2019-07-19 14:32:45
Xianheng has been engaged in lcd display industry for many years. Some people often come to us when lcd display is broken and ask how to fix it. In fact, this is a very professional problem, generally do not casually disassemble and assemble, because some precision instruments can not be explained clearly in a word, if you want to learn the whole set, please continue to pay attention to xianheng.

Let's get back to the point of how to fix the lcd display. The simplest is the intuitive inspection method. The so-called intuitive inspection method refers to when the lcd display work abnormal, most of the problems can be observed from the display screen and other monitors, such as flower screen, color problems and so on. In the course of maintenance, according to the observed problem phenomenon, combined with the cause and process of the problem provided by the user, the possible location of the problem is preliminarily determined after the analysis. Because the circuit structure of the liquid crystal display screen is more complex, the problems in different parts may appear the same problem phenomenon, that is, a problem phenomenon may be caused by a variety of reasons. This requires careful observation, inspection and analysis, and then get rid of the rough, identify false things, retain the real things, and finally find out the real problem, until the problem is eliminated. 

How to fix lcd display? Visual inspection method mainly includes external inspection, internal inspection and electrification inspection. 

1. External inspection: check the problem of lcd display should start from the outside, according to the working mode of the machine to check whether the keys and switches on the operation panel are normal, whether the power connection is connected, whether the video signal cable is connected properly, and so on. 

2. Internal inspection: in the case of no anomalies found in the external inspection, remove the lcd display shell and check the internal circuit. Observe the solder joint of the components, whether the connecting wire has virtual welding, de-welding, whether the pin is molded, whether the plug-in is loose, whether the circuit line of the printed circuit board is broken, whether the components are charred, burst or leakage, and so on. 

3. Power on check: turn on the power supply of lcd display, observe whether the power LED is lit, whether there is fire, heat, scorching smell and smoke in the machine. 

The above is a small experience summed up by xianheng over the years, of course, the detailed method is far more than this, want to know more about lcd display maintenance knowledge can consult xianheng, we will update the article regularly, I hope it will be helpful for you to understand lcd display.

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