How to Select LCD Suppliers in China?

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Update time : 2021-01-07 17:25:50
If LCD buyers come to China to purchase LCD screens, how to select LCD suppliers in China? What problems should be paid attention to when selecting LCD suppliers? 
How to Select LCD Suppliers in China?

 1. Give priority to the areas where LCD suppliers are concentrated in the LCD industry.  

In China, the area where LCD manufacturers are more concentrated is South China, especially Shenzhen. When you come all the way to China to purchase LCD screens, you will have a lot of choices in Shenzhen, a city where LCD manufacturers are concentrated, because there are many LCD manufacturers here, which can not only save you a lot of time, but also save you costs. 

 2. Give priority to choosing strong LCD suppliers.  

When purchasing LCD screens in China, you need to consider the strength of manufacturers. Now there are countless manufacturers of LCD screens, so how do you know what the strength of manufacturers is? 

a. The longer the operating life, the more powerful the LCD manufacturers. 

Look at the time of the establishment of an enterprise, the longer the establishment time, the stronger the viability of the enterprise. 

b. The larger the LCD manufacturer is, the more powerful it is. 

When it comes to scale, we have to go on a field trip. Now many companies say that their companies are perfect, but in fact this is not the case. 

 3. Give priority to LCD manufacturers with more formal pricing model. 

Formal companies have a stable price system and usually do not allow new customers to bargain freely. As the company's internal rules and regulations are relatively sound, no employee has the right to change the pricing model in private except at the decision-making level. You can ask them to quote for the same product many times, or you can constantly ask them to quote for various products to analyze their pricing model to see whether their price system is stable and perfect. 

 4. Give priority to choosing LCD manufacturers with stable production capacity.  

Due to the limitations of insufficient orders, limited funds, insufficient manpower and other factors, many small factories often start and stop, and the production situation is very unstable. Some small factories even have no liquidity on hand, so they do not prepare raw materials at all and do not purchase raw materials until customers remit the money to them. Manufacturers with stable production capacity usually have no shortage of orders, usually have stable raw materials, and the production cycle is relatively stable.
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