LCD display promotes smart city development

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Update time : 2018-09-13 17:01:55
According to data research, there will be more than 500 cities in the world towards the goal of smart cities, and the demand for related display products and solutions is increasing year by year! Lcd display will be the largest demand display product.

The deployment of public information display (PID) products in smart cities may vary from city to city, but it may give priority to public information display in many aspects, such as traffic control, safety monitoring, environmental monitoring, retail marketing and electronic management, and use display screens to promote the development of cities.

Digitimes Research estimates that global demand for PIDs of 32 inches and above is expected to reach 7.3 million in 2021, up 61% from 2017, given the boom in smart cities and a drop in panel prices in 2018.

Indoor PID is widely used in airports, MRT systems, large retail stores, convenience stores, department stores and Exhibition halls. Therefore, the size of the indoor LCD display is also varied.

Outdoor display applications must take into account rain and snow, humidity, scratches, collisions, air pollution and other factors, as well as LCD display competition, so the number of outdoor applications less than indoor applications, but the unit price of outdoor display is higher.

In recent years, many large cities have been promoting outdoor PID applications. Just as 7,500 traditional telephone kiosks in New York City have been transformed into kiosks with Wi-Fi connections, the project needs to be funded entirely by digital advertising revenue installed on kiosks using a large number of LCD panels. Such projects have also been adopted by other cities or countries, so the development of smart cities, LCD display is essential.
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