Main differences between LCD and CRT

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What are the advantages of LCD compared with CRT display?

Compared with CRT, LCD has the advantages of small volume, light weight, low power consumption, no flicker, no focus, pure color and linearity.

No electromagnetic radiation

The display material of the traditional display is the phosphor, which is shown by the impact of the electron beam on the phosphor. The electron beam will produce powerful electromagnetic radiation in a flash on the phosphor, although many display products are currently dealing with the radiation problem more effectively and minimizing the amount of radiation as much as possible. But it is difficult to eliminate it thoroughly. Relatively speaking, liquid crystal displays have inherent advantages in preventing radiation. Because it shows that the principle is to control the brightness and color of the display screen by controlling the switch of every pixel on the screen. There is no electromagnetic radiation produced by a powerful electron beam. It is completely different from the CRT display, and there is no radiation at all.

Large visible area

For the same size monitors, the LCD display area is larger. The visible area of LCD is the same as its diagonal size. The cathode ray tube display tube has a inch or so border around the front panel, so it can't be used for display.
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