LG.Display's Latest LCD Panel Development Plan

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Update time : 2019-12-17 19:12:18
LG.Display provides some updates about its lcd panel development plan, which is always interesting. This is LG.Display as a panel manufacturer, not a LG display / display manufacturer, but it indicates the future direction of the display by looking ahead to the panel production plan. LG.Display occupies a large share of the market and has always been an IP panel that people pay close attention to. Keep in mind that the production date is not static and may change, so it will take several months before the production panel can be displayed and put on the market. We have updated the panel parts database with all the best new information. Here's the point.

The overall focus areas of LG.Display are:
1. Improved design with thinner shape and "true borderless" design.
2. Local dimming and HDR performance can be improved by using Mini LED backlight.
3. Expand the color space to get more vivid colors.
4. Faster IPS game panel.
5. More development of low blue light filter

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