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List Of Commonly Used Acronyms For LCDs
List Of Commonly Used Acronyms For LCDs
1. LCD - Liquid Crystal Display: liquid crystal display. 

2. LLCD - Low LCD: cryogenic liquid crystal display. 

3. ST LCD - Sony& Toyato LCD: Liquid crystal display of Sony and Toyota cooperation technology. 

4. CF - Color Filter: color filter. 

5. TFT - Thin Film Transistor: thin film wafer. 

6. COF - Chip on Film: leather line connected to IC. 

7. COG - Chip On Glass: IC connected to glass panel. 

8. FOG - Film On Glass: Paste leather line on glass panel. 

9. ACF - Anisotropic Conductive Film: hetero-square guide film. 

10. FPC - Flex Pc: soft leather thread. 

11. BL - Back Light: backlight plate. 

12. FOF - Film On Film: leather line connected to leather line. 

13. FC - Flicker Check: flicker check. 

14. BM - Black Matrix: black border. 

15. HTB - High Temperature Bias: high temperature action (same as HTU). 

16. LTB - Low Temperature Bias: cryogenic action (same as LTU). 

17. THB - Temperature Humidity Bias: high temperature and high humidity (same as HHU). 

18. HTS - High Temperature Store: high temperature preservation (same as HHU). 

19. LTS - Low Temperature Store: Cryopreservation (same as HHU). 

20. TBs - Temperature Humidity Store: high temperature and high humidity preservation (same as HTH). 

21. TC - Thermal Cycle: temperature shock (same as TS)
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