How to Maintain LCD Display Screen

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Update time : 2019-02-26 10:44:29
How LCD display screen should be maintained? Here are a few ways to do this:

(1) Avoid vibration.

LCD display screen is very fragile, so strong shock and vibration should be avoided. Don't put pressure on the LCD screen or collide and squeeze on the back cover of the LCD screen.

(2) Avoid prolonged screen use.

Long-term work is not a good thing for LCD. If you don't use it, you must turn off the power supply of the display. Similarly, wallpaper and screen saver should be used cautiously when using LCD. Most wallpaper and screen saver programs have gorgeous colors, and light and shade changes are strongly contrasted. Long-term use will distort the color of LCD, thus affecting the life of LCD display. Therefore, when using LCD, it is better to use monochrome screen and cancel screen saver.

(3) Anti-electromagnetic interference.

Whether CRT or LCD display should be far away from objects with strong magnetic field. Strong magnetic field around the display will generate extra voltage inside, which will affect the stability of the display voltage. In a strong magnetic field for a long time, it will also cause color distortion, which will affect the display effect and life of LCD.

(4) Pay attention to humidity.

Do not let any moisture into LCD display screen. If the indoor humidity is too high, condensation may occur inside the LCD, resulting in leakage and short circuit of the LCD, and seriously burning the display. For some southern areas with higher humidity, LCD display can be placed in a warmer and drier place, and the back of LCD can be baked regularly with low power desk lamp in order to evaporate the water.
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