Mitsubishi Launches Semi-transparent and Semi-reflective Industrial LCD Displays

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Update time : 2019-03-12 14:29:48
Mitsubishi has introduced semi-transparent and semi-reflective industrial LCD displays, a new color TFT LCD module display screen, which has higher visibility, wider operating temperature range (-30 ~85℃) and small and light-weight features. The new TFT LCD module 4.3 inch WQVGA and samples will be supplied from April 1. The new product will be the best choice for outdoor industrial equipment such as portable measuring instrument and display screen which need to be used in direct sunlight environment.

The new color TFT LCD module features:

1. High visibility and low power consumption

By using the reflection form of ambient light as the light source, the visibility can still be guaranteed under the direct sunlight environment.

Making full use of ambient light can effectively reduce power consumption, which is the best choice of portable terminals for battery-powered industry.

2. Ensure wide working temperature range

TFT LCD module products select components with excellent temperature characteristics, and then complete a wider working temperature range (-30 ~85℃), which can be applied to outdoor industrial screen equipment that needs to be used in the pole temperature environment.

3. By completing the small and light TFT LCD module, it is helpful for the miniaturization and low quantization of the display.

The design of the mechanism and the optimization of the components have accomplished the thinner thickness of 5.2mm and the weight of 58g, which is helpful for the miniaturization and low quantization of the display of portable measuring instruments.

Semi-transparent and semi-reflective TFT LCD module uses ambient light as light source (reflection form) outdoors when there is enough light, and backlight as light source (transmission form) where there is lack of light. Therefore, it can still ensure high visibility under direct sunlight environment, and make full use of ambient light and reduce power consumption. Therefore, the demand for portable industrial measuring instruments is increasing high. At the same time, shopping malls have put forward new requirements, hoping to further improve visibility and broaden the operating temperature range to adapt to the temperature environment of outdoor poles.

Some people wonder, what is the semi-transparent and semi-reflective TFT liquid crystal module? One pixel of the fingerboard consists of two parts (transmission part and reflection part) and TFT liquid crystal module with ambient light reflection structure on the substrate.
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