No LCD Displays, No Black Hole Images!

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Update time : 2019-04-11 10:25:37
Last night (April 10) at more than 9 o'clock, the first black hole photo in human history was released simultaneously in Shanghai, China, Taipei, Brussels, Chile, Santiago, Tokyo, Japan and Washington, USA. This is the first time that human beings can see black holes intuitively through images. 

Overnight, the photo spread all over the social media network. We can receive the latest and cutting-edge information so quickly, and receive photo information in the shortest time, not only because of the current developed information network, but also because of an information carrier that allows picture information to be displayed - LCD displays

The word "liquid crystal" is very familiar to people today. LCD displays are widely used in various sectors of the national economy, but also penetrated into people's daily life. Not only that, LCD displays have also changed people's way of life. A typical example is a smartphone made of a liquid crystal display.

Many people open their eyes in the morning, the first thing is to look at the cell phone, the last thing before going to bed is to turn off the cell phone. People joke that many people spend much more time watching their cell phones than they do with their partners every day. Others took many pictures of different scenes, people were looking at mobile phones in the subway, at airports, in hospitals, on the streets, at rallies and even at family gatherings. Samsung Mobile's advertisement highly summarizes this phenomenon: "anytime, anywhere". There's even a cartoon that shows people from apes to humans, from bent to upright, and from upright to upright with mobile phones in the future.

In particular, the functions of smart phones have developed to such a strong point that they integrate telephone, camera, GPS, electronic dictionary, palmtop computer, calendar, watch, alarm clock, pedometer, calculator, tape recorder and game machine. They can send mail, office, communication, reading, watching movies and TV, playing games, registering, navigation, stock speculation, shopping, tax payment and transfer. Mobile payment, etc., has become something that people can not leave. In the 5000 years of human civilization, it seems that no product or device has been so popular as smartphones.

Similarly, large-scale color TV sets have fulfilled people's dream of "Dream TV hanging on the wall", making it possible for home cinemas or home intelligence centers.

In addition, in the information society, computers have become a necessary tool for people to work and live.

In short, LCD displays have created three major products, computer, TV and mobile phone, and various products derived from them. LCD displays, together with IC and software, constitutes the three pillar industries of the information society and has made tremendous contributions to human production and life.

It can be said that without lcd displays, we may never know what a black hole looks like.
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