Notes for use of LCD module

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Update time : 2018-10-30 11:48:13
LCD module, namely LCD display module, refers to the LCD display screen which integrates glass and LCD driver together. It provides a standard LCD display driver interface (4-bit, 8-bit, VGA and other different types). Users operate according to the interface requirements to control the correct LCD display page.

Notes for use of LCD module

For LCD module, its components are LCD screen +LED backlight +PCB plate + iron frame. Its function is very powerful, which is equivalent to the picture tube in CRT. What are the precautions for LCD module use?

1. strictly prevent static electricity: to prevent static damage of components, maintain a good working environment.

A do not drop to the ground when holding the module.

B assembly tools, such as soldering iron, must be grounded correctly.

C in order to reduce static electricity, do not perform assembly and other work in dry environment.

D LCD module has a layer of protective screen. Be careful when you tear the protective film, because it may generate static electricity.

2. Processing protective film: A protective film is pasted on the surface of the finished module to prevent the customer from staining the display screen surface during assembly, and the customer should not tear it off before the end of the whole machine assembly, so as not to stain or damage the surface.

3 adding padding: between the module and the front panel, it is best to install a pad about 0.1 millimeters. The panel should also be kept flat to avoid distortion after assembly and improve its anti vibration performance.

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