Security Considerations For TFT-LCD Panels

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Update time : 2019-08-02 16:46:09
As we all know, tft-lcd panels are semi-finished products, from procurement to storage, to sales or installation, to maintenance, the whole process may go through some operational trouble. What security issues do you need to pay attention to?

First, the issue of storage security. 

If TFT-LCD panels is stored for a long time (such as one year), the following method is recommended: seal the module in a polyethylene plastic bag to protect it from moisture. Place in a place that avoids light and the temperature is within the specified storage temperature range. Avoid any object touching the surface of the polarizer during storage. In order to prevent module aging, avoid working or storage in direct sunlight or in high temperature and humidity environment. 

Second, the safety of shipping and packaging. 

TFT-LCD panels needs to be carefully packed before shipment to prevent TFT-LCD panels from being damaged by severe vibration or falling from height in transit. If you inadvertently stick the leaking liquid crystal in the damaged LCD screen to your hand, clean it with soapy water. 

Third, the safety of installation operation. 

During the installation operation of TFT-LCD panels, it should be noted that the LCD module must be driven within the specified voltage range, higher than the specified driving voltage will shorten the life of the LCD module. DC current will cause LCD deterioration, so avoid using DC drive. The response time of LCD will be significantly longer when the temperature is lower than the working temperature range, and the color of LCD will be darker when the working temperature range is higher than the working temperature range. 

The above phenomenon will return to normal when working within the working temperature range, which is not a product quality problem. If the display area is pressed hard in the working state, some characters will display errors, but will return to normal after closing once. The condensation on the electrode terminal will open the circuit due to electrochemical reaction. At the highest operating temperature, the humidity is less than 50%RH.

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