Test Methods of LCD Module

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At present, the inspection standards of LCD module do not involve the parameters of the national standard, and they all refer to the standards of the liquid crystal industry to meet the basic requirements of customers.

A+ grade LCD module: aerospace and military grade products are on the high side, with relatively high quality requirements and high cost.

A grade LCD module: industrial-grade products are on the high side, such as power systems, automotive instrumentation, electronic instruments, medical equipment and so on.

B grade LCD module: has more civil products, air conditioning remote control, POS machine, washing machine, electric car, higher requirements for cost control.

According to the quality requirements of different customers, the inspection standards of, LCD module will be different accordingly.

LCD module environment requirements:

LCD module finished product inspection needs to use two 40W fluorescent lamps, the inspector should be 1 meter away from the lamp. The ambient temperature is controlled at 10-32 ℃ and the humidity is controlled at 60 ±15%RH.

LCD module test method:

1. When testing, the naked eye should be 30cm away from the LCD product. LCD module should be carried out in its correct display mode and driving conditions.

2.LCD screen fully transparent products need to be backlit and check their appearance under normal conditions.

The appearance of the 3.LCM light guide plate must be tested once in the lit state.

4. Where the COG LCD module needs to carry out telecommunication check after the patch, the voltage should be adjusted in the range of 0.6V on the basis of Vop after pressing 5 on the tester when the test frequency is 80Hz.

5.TN LCD module check in scanning state: Leak, high current, other telecommunication items in full display state check;

Inspection level:

Grade A is the most stringent, level B is the second, and class C is looser, which is the most stringent in grade A, the second in grade B, and the loosest in grade C in the standard. For the product inspection levels applicable to different products, please refer to the Product Inspection Specification of the Technical Department.

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