The Differences Between Side-type And Straight-down Backlight of LCD Module

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The backlight of LCD module is mainly LED, which is divided into two types: side LED backlight and direct LED backlight. What's the difference between these two backlights?

What is side-type LED backlight of LCD module?

The side-type backlight is made by setting a line light source or a point light source on one side of the specially designed light guide plate. The principle of the light guide plate is the interference phenomenon of destroying light caused by the dot distribution at the bottom of the light guide acrylic plate, which uniformly converts the line light source into a surface light source, and its function is to guide the scattering direction of light, so that the light distribution is more uniform, and the shadow of the reflection point can not be seen from the front, which ensures the uniformity of the brightness of the liquid crystal module. The side-type backlight can be very thin, but the light utilization rate of the backlight is smaller, and the thinner the utilization rate is, the smaller the utilization rate is.

What is straight-down LED backlight of LCD module?

straight-down LED backlight performance is better, do not need a light guide plate, that is, the light source and PCB on the bottom of the backlight, light from the LED, through the bottom of the reflector, and then through the surface of the diffuse plate, so that the film shines evenly. The thickness of the backlight is mainly determined by the height of the cavity between the reflective film and the scattering plate. In theory, under the premise of meeting the installation requirements and luminous brightness, the higher the cavity height is, the better the light uniformity of the scatter plate is.

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