The differences Between TFD And TFT LCD Screen

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Update time : 2020-07-17 10:17:01
TFD is the abbreviation of "Thin Film Diode". Due to the high power consumption and high cost of TFT LCD screen, which greatly increases the cost of the product, EPSON specially developed TFD technology for mobile phone screen, which also belongs to active matrix LCD screen. Each pixel on LCD is equipped with a separate diode, which can control each pixel separately, so that each pixel will not affect each other. In this way, the resolution can be significantly improved, and the dynamic picture and gorgeous colors can be displayed without trailing.

TFT is the abbreviation of "Thin Film Transistor", also known as "true color". It belongs to the active matrix LCD screen. It is a screen composed of thin-film transistors. Each liquid crystal pixel is driven by thin-film transistors. Behind each pixel, there are four independent thin-film transistors driving pixels to emit color light, which can show the true color of 24bit color depth. In terms of resolution, the maximum TFT LCD screen can reach UXGA (1600 × 1200).

TFT arrangement with memory, so the disappearance of the current will not immediately return to the original state, thus improving the STN LCD screen flicker and blur shortcomings, effectively improve the LCD screen to show dynamic picture effect, the ability to display static picture is also more prominent, TFT LCD screen dragon point is the response time is short, and colorful, so it is widely used in notebook computers and DV, DC. The disadvantage of TFT LCD screen is that it consumes more power and costs more.

In terms of performance, TFD LCD screen takes into account the advantages of TFT LCD screen and STN LCD screen. TFD LCD screen is brighter and brighter than STN LCD screen, and it is also more power-saving than TFT LCD screen, but it is still inferior to TFT LCD screen in color and brightness.
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