Typical Features of G150XNE-L03 By LCD Display Supplier

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Update time : 2019-04-28 18:10:42
Innolux's G150XNE-L03 is a 15.0-inch LCD module based on a-Si TFT-LCD technology. It is equipped with WLED backlight, with LED driver backlight driver and no touch. As a lcd display supplier in China, here's my answer of what its typical features are.

1. Wide gamut, surface fog, 6/8 gray scale optional

2. Broad perspective, landscape mode, white LED backlight, backlight life greater than 70,000 hours, signal terminal formal, 180 degrees flip display.

3. Its working temperature is - 20 - 70 ℃, storage temperature is - 30 - 70 ℃, and vibration resistance is 1.5G (14.7m/s_). This model is recommended for industrial use.

As a NPVA, Ultra-Black Display and Transmission LCD module product, G150XNE-L03 can provide 250 cd/² display brightness 2000:1 transmission contrast and 88/88/88 (Typ.) (CR (> 10) (L/R/U/D) viewing angle. The best viewing angle is full viewing angle, and its response time is 16/7 (Typ.) (Tr/Td). Because each pixel uses 6-bit/6-bit+Hi-FRC gray-scale signal, the product can display 262K/16.7M color, and its color saturation is 72%(CIE1931). In the aspect of backlight, this product uses the side-in light source of WLED light. The service life of the light source is 70K hours, including the LED driver. G150XNE-L03 uses LVDS (1ch, 6/8-bit) signal interface, a total of 20 pins, terminal connection, drive screen voltage of 3.3V (Typ.). Its typical vertical refresh rate is 60 Hz.

XIANHENG is an LCD display supplier in China, mainly engaged in the sales and customization of small and medium size TFT display modules. Its products have direct and horizontal screen modes. Its interfaces mainly include RGB and LVDS. Its products are mainly industrial applications, including industrial instruments and equipment, medical instruments, energy systems, GPS navigation, security systems, household appliances, charging stakes, POS systems, vending machines, parking lot toll collector, etc.
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