What are the advantages of LCD screens?

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Update time : 2019-05-15 21:17:49
When it comes to LCD screens, you may not be unfamiliar with it. It is the mainstream of the display industry nowadays. Many commercial and industrial display terminal products use LCD screens as the output device. Then Xianheng will count its advantages.

1. Advantages of LCD screens: Slim and light

Everyone knows that the TV we used in the 1980s was still a CRT monitor, big and bulky. With the continuous development of the display industry, our LCD screens have come out. Through continuous improvement, it has become the LCD screen we use today. They are thin and light. The thickness of some slim display modules produced by Youyi World can reach 1.4mm. It does not take up too much space to be equipped to the customer's terminal, so as to meet the customer's requirements for slim and lightweight.

2. Advantages of LCD screens: Good display effect

Because each point of the LCD screens keep the same color and brightness after receiving the signal, it always emits light, unlike the cathode ray tube display (CRT) which needs to refresh the highlights constantly. Therefore, the LCD screens are of high quality and will never flicker, which minimizes eye fatigue.

3. Advantages of LCD screens: Low Energy Consumption

LCD screens principle is to reverse the angle of liquid crystal molecule deflection in liquid crystal pixels to achieve the background light and restore the screen. It does not exist such as CRT with ultra-high voltage components, so as not to appear X-ray excess caused by high pressure. Moreover, the machine structure and circuit are simple, modular and highly integrated enough to minimize the electromagnetic radiation generated by the circuit when it works. This design directly reduces the power consumption of the circuit, and the calorific value is very small.

As above is the advantage of some LCD screens that I have arranged. I believe it will be helpful for you to understand LCD. If you want to know more about display, you are welcome to consult. Xiaonheng is a manufacturer focusing on industrial LCD screens and touch screens.  If you are interested in or have questions about XIANHENG LCD display screen, please click on our online chat or email to [email protected].
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