What are the technical application of touch screen?

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Update time : 2017-07-08 13:51:02
Touch screen originated in 1970s, was installed in the early industrial computer, POS terminal, such as industrial or commercial equipment. 2007 launch of the iPhone phone, a milestone in the development of the touch industry. Apple Corp to a mobile phone requires at least 20 buttons, designed to be able to get only three or four keys, all the rest of the operation by the touch screen to complete. In addition to giving users more direct and convenient operation experience, but also make the shape of the mobile phone has become more fashionable and light, increase the man-machine direct interaction of intimacy, causing consumers in hot pursuit, but also opened a touch screen interface for the journey towards the mainstream.

At present, the touch screen application has become more and more widely, from the control of factory equipment for industrial use of the electronic public information query, query the operating system facilities, commercial use of ATM, to consumer electronics, mobile phone, PDA, digital camera can see the touch screen figure. Of course, which is the most widely used mobile phone. 2008 touch screen mobile phone shipments will be more than 100 million, is expected in 2012 to install the touch screen mobile phone shipments will be more than 500 million. And there are indications that the application of touch screen in consumer electronics products ranging from small areas such as mobile phone screen to a larger screen size notebook computers. At present, DELL, HP, Fujitsu, ASUS and other notebook PC brand manufacturers are planning to launch a laptop or UMPC. Of course, there is still debate about whether laptops equipped with touch screens can be expanded from 10 inches below the price of a laptop or UMPC to a laptop market of more than 14 inches. Because of the mainstream notebook or desktop computer, many consumers have been accustomed to using the keyboard and mouse input, unlike the small size notebook computer keyboard, because can accommodate a limited number of required touch screen to assist, to achieve a more intuitive man-machine communication purpose. And now the Windows system does not support multi touch features, such as the PC manufacturers alone into multi touch function, effort and investment in the software will be very impressive, so in 2010 is expected to support multi touch the new operating system Windows7 listed before, equipped with a touch screen notebook computer will be limited to 12.1 inches. The following. But even so, the future development of the touch screen market is also very attractive. According to the market research firm predicts that by 2010 the touch screen output will reach $3 billion 500 million.
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