What Are The Usual Application Areas Of TFT LCD Modules?

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In today's life, you can see all kinds of LCD screens, so where does tft lcd modules usually be used?

1. Medical tft lcd modules application case. 

Medical devices should have high contrast, high resolution, wide viewing angle and high quality of image display for LCD screen. When used in operating rooms, emergency rooms, ICU and other environments where high brightness lighting is used, The LCD screen will also be required to have a higher brightness. The newer design trend is to use low-voltage differential signal transmission LCD modules to ensure that the equipment is subject to minimal electromagnetic interference. The industrial control screen used in medical treatment is generally the industrial control screen of MITSUBISHI, AUO. The industrial control screen is stable and the parameters are high, which is the best choice for medical equipment. 

2. Industrial tft lcd modules application list. 

Industrial screens are usually used in automatic control equipment, industrial sites, mines, oil fields, testing equipment, and so on. Most of the modules used in industrial integrated workstations are 5.7 inches to 19 inches. Usually requires the brightness of the LCD screen above 300, wide temperature, 4:3 thick screen, industrial LCD screen or desktop LCD screen is a better choice. 

3. The Application case of Public Security tft lcd modules. 

LCD provides a powerful information management platform for security monitoring. Through the integration of the high incidence areas of the case, the key protection units, the road information of the police points, the monitoring information, the configuration information of the police force, the electronic map, the police identification symbol, and so on, And can be full-screen viewing, multi-screen browsing, touch head operation and many other functions, can achieve personnel, vehicles and other police resources simulation deployment. This kind of display is also commonly used in the industrial LCD screen, stable, high parameters, but in the military industry screen is usually equipped with touch screen, do full paste, so as to help explosion-proof, brighten. 

4. Application case of Fire Protection tft lcd modules. 

Through the rapid positioning on the high-resolution electronic map, it can show the real geographical environment such as the plan view, elevation view and real scene photo of the key units in real time. Through convenient and fast touch operation, handwritten marking and deployment of professional icons representing fire vehicles, water sources, personnel and other resources, we can intuitively express the idea and process of emergency decision-making. As a result, it ensures the usual low-cost, unlimited simulation exercises and some effective actions in case of emergency. It provides an intuitive and simple operation platform for fire fighting and rescue plan drill and war evaluation. 

5. Application cases of tft lcd modules in other areas. 

(1).LCD screens in ports, airports, subways, docks, highways, etc. 

(2). Liquid crystal display of financial and securities information. 

(3). Liquid crystal display screens for media advertising, commerce and product display. 

(4). Liquid crystal display for education and training / multimedia videoconferencing systems. 

(5). liquid crystal display screens for dispatching, control rooms and large-scale broadcast / performance venues. 

(6). LCD screens for military, government, urban and other emergency command systems. 

(7). liquid crystal display screen for energy security monitoring system. 

(8). liquid crystal display screens for meteorological, maritime, flood control and transportation hub command systems. 

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