What is LCD viewfinder?

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What is LCD viewfinder? The LCD viewfinder (Liquid Crystal Display, LCD) is the Liquid Crystal viewfinder, which is the big LCD screen behind the digital camera. It is black-white and color, color including truecolor and colorize, colorize is cheap, but the effect is poor. Digital camera for viewing and playback of LCD is almost the best TFT color. LCD viewfinder is the most necessary viewfinder for most digital cameras.


The advantages and disadvantages of LCD viewfinder

There are several obvious advantages of the LCD viewfinder:

First, the image we see through it is the image to be imaged, and the parallax is very low, what we see is what we get;
Second, now many digital camera's LCD is designed to be rotatable, so that the digital camera will have more viewing angle, and it can be very intuitive to achieve self operation.

The disadvantages of the LCD viewfinder are obvious.

First of all is the power consumption. For a long time, the LCD viewfinder is a power hungry digital camera. It will greatly shorten the working hours of digital cameras for a long time. Fortunately, now the new digital cameras have adopted a large number of low-temperature polysilicon LCD screen, so the power consumption of the LCD viewfinder has been significantly improved, but calling it "power hungry" is still not excessive.
Second, in the intense sunlight, the LCD viewfinder display will be greatly affected, and you need to use your hands or other things to hide the light before you can see it clearly.
Finally, when the ambient light is too dim, the LCD viewfinder also has problems of dim image and unfavorable viewing.

Technical parameters of LCD viewfinder

• screen 2.5 inches, 230 thousand pixels, 160 thousand color resolution LCD display
• Screen rotation angle counterclockwise rotation of 180 degrees, clockwise rotation of 90 degrees
• Connect wire data connection, plus 2 meters extension line
Power 1000mAh polymer lithium battery
• power consumption of about 1 watts
• Battery work time is about 3 hours
• The working environment is 0-40 degrees centigrade
• Net weight 110 grams
• Size 83 * 66 * 45mm

LCD viewfinder requirements

The LCD determines the size of his overall consumer groups, especially for the elderly or eyes from time to time good people, LCD means they can more clearly see the captured images, but also indirectly makes them for photography to generate interest, presumably this is one of the important factors of large businesses have launched the LCD view screen.
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