2 Types of TFT-LCD Backlight

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Update time : 2019-10-09 10:46:36
There are two common TFT-LCD backlight options: LED backlight and CCFL backlight.

1. CCFL backlight.

Cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) is a kind of AC driven backlight, which needs inverter to convert DC to AC. Ac signals and inverters may produce EMI (electromagnetic interference) and arcs; for intrinsically safe products, arcs must be eliminated.

CCFL is still available, but is becoming a legacy (obsolete) component. TFT displays with CCFL require a higher MOQ (minimum order quantity) than LED backlight displays.

If this is a new design, it is recommended that you choose LED as the backlight option.

2. LED backlight.

LED backlight is driven by DC and is the most commonly used backlight technology in TFT. There are two different LED backlight options: RGB and white.

a. RGB LED backlight.

Red, green, and blue (RGB) backlight consists of one LED that produces red, green, and blue colors or three separate red, green, or blue LED.

The RGB backlight requires a controller to adjust the different intensity of each color. The function of the controller is to combine the unique red, green and blue levels to produce any of the 64m different colors.

b. White LED backlight.

White LED is actually a blue LED, with yellow phosphor that gives the impression of white light.
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