3 Differences Between Assembly LCD Module and Original LCD Screen

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Author : China LCD module manufacturer
Update time : 2022-02-17 11:16:35

In the LCD display screen industry, LCD has been called two ways, one is the assembly LCD module, the other is the original LCD screen. Do you know the difference between them? To sum up, there are three main obvious differences.


First Difference: Different LCD Manufacturers


LCD module is generally produced by LCD module manufacturers, while the original LCD screen is generally produced by the brand's own LCD panel factory. Different manufacturers mean different services.


The Second Difference: Customization flexibility


The assembly screen can support customization. The original screen cannot be customized, unless it is a specific model or the design of other components made according to this screen can just use this original screen, otherwise it may be due to the difference of screw hole position, interface position, and so on. As a result, the internal structure of the whole machine cannot be plugged in, so the customization flexibility of the assembled screen is better than that of the original screen.


The Third Difference: Different Price


The price of the original LCD screen is higher than that of the assembled LCD module. Due to the original lcd screen from the manufacturer to the agent, the cost of different levels of agents is also different. And assembly lcd module manufacturers are generally ex-factory price, so the price is lower.

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