4 Main Installation Methods of LCD Screens

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As we all know, LCD screen has been applied to our lives and has made great progress. LCD screen has been widely used in various industries because of its high performance-to-price ratio, low cost, strong environmental adaptability, convenient installation and maintenance, and so on. So what kind of installation method is suitable for LCD screens
4 Main Installation Methods of LCD Screens

Several installation methods suitable for LCD screen: 

 1. Wall-mounted installation.  

Wall-mounted installation of LCD screens

Wall-mounted installation is suitable for most LCD screens used for indoor display equipment, and the walls are required to be solid walls. Hollow bricks or simple partitions are not suitable for this method of installation. 

 2. Embedded installation.  

Embedded installation of LCD screens

Embedded installation is suitable for small and medium-sized LCD screens. Because the space of the device is very small, in order not to occupy space, the same size is dugout on the wall according to the size of the screen, and the LCD screen is embedded in the wall. The wall must be solid. 

During the on-site installation, the embedded structure is suitable for the display projects that have been incorporated into the architectural planning and design, and the installation space of the display screen is reserved in advance during the civil engineering construction. When the installation is carried out, only the steel structure of the display screen is manufactured to embed the display screen into the wall of the building and leave a satisfactory protective space on the back. 


 3. Suspended installation.  

Suspended installation of LCD screens

Suspended installation is mostly suitable for large places such as station LCD screen and airport LCD screen. A place with a suitable device, such as the upper beam or crossbeam, is required, and the back cover is usually added to the sieve. Ordinary suspension is suitable for single-box display screens with a total weight of fewer than 50 kilograms, which can be hung directly on the load-bearing wall without reserved maintenance space. The display screen box adopts the front protection design, and the display screen can be lifted from the bottom during maintenance. 

 4. Landing installation.  

Landing installation of LCD screens

The LCD screen installed on the floor is usually used on the floor advertising display machine, which can be fixed on the ground or unfixed, directly placed on the ground, so that it is convenient to adjust the position at any time, but it will also bring some bad consequences. for example, it was accidentally hit, shifted, or even broken. 

LCD is a kind of fragile glass product, any drop, impact and strong vibration may cause the glass to break, it is strictly forbidden to press hard on the LCD display area. Do not squeeze the LCD screen and frame during installation, but pay attention to the overall flatness of the LCD screen to avoid bending and deformation caused by external forces. As the visual characteristics of the LCD screen will change with different viewing angles, the appropriate viewing angle of the user should be fully considered in the assembly, and the best viewing angle position of the LCD screen should be adjusted.
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