Review of Investment in China's Panel Industry in 2020 - "the Capital of World display"-- Guangzhou

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Update time : 2021-01-11 14:33:32
The magical 2020 is finally over, and the long-awaited 2021 will come as expected. Looking back at 2020, the epidemic has profoundly affected the development of the global semiconductor industry and intensified the complex changes of the international situation. Self-control, trade protectionism, and de-globalization have become the focus of attention; at the same time, policy and capital have continued to increase. New applications such as online office, online education, and new energy vehicles have blossomed. In 2020, semiconductor, display, and other industries are still growing at a high speed. 

Liu Tangzhi, president of China Electronic Video Association and president of Skyworth Group, pointed out in an interview that Guangzhou's first advantage is that the display technology and product categories are relatively complete, including LCD, OLED big screen, small screen, and large panel LCD 10.5 generation production line, which will also introduce printing technology in the future; the second is location advantage. Guangzhou is located in the core hub of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and has a strong attraction in terms of talent and technology. The third advantage is that the government attaches importance to it. Guangzhou has done a lot of work to introduce enterprises and service enterprises from city to district to government departments and issued a variety of preferential policies to attract investment. 

In recent years, Guangzhou has gradually become a city with four types of display technology production lines. These include, but are not limited to Foxconn TFT-LCD display production line (supervision project), Vishino (Guangzhou) full soft AMOLED module production line, LG Display Guangzhou OLED 8.5generation line, Huaxing Optoelectronics Guangzhou 8.5generation printing OLED production line, Corning display Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. G10.5 LCD glass production line project, LG chemical polarizer project, and other strategic emerging industry projects have been built and put into production. 

LG Display Guangzhou OLED 8.5G Line
LG Display Guangzhou OLED 8.5G Line

Industrial clustering and development are inseparable from the attention of the local government. In 2018, the executive meeting of the Guangzhou Municipal Government examined and approved the Guangzhou Action Plan for accelerating the Development of Ultra HD Video Industry (2018-2020). By 2020, we will strive to build "one capital, one district, one base" (that is, "the capital of the world", UHD video application demonstration zone, UHD video industry content production base). 

A few days ago, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Action Plan for the Development of the whole Industrial chain of the New display Industry (2020Mel 2025) (draft for soliciting opinions)" to speed up the construction of a world-class ultra-high-definition video industry cluster and "the capital of the world display". By 2022, the output value of Guangzhou's new display industry chain will exceed 270 billion yuan, driving the scale of the ultra-high-definition video and digital content industry to exceed 400 billion yuan.
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